Hezbollah S Affect On Freight Transportation And Warehousing In Lebanon

Submitted by: V Selman

Hezbollah terrorists are not just destroying homes and towns in Israel. Their actions are also having an effect on the global freight industry. As fighting continues in Lebanon the damage caused to Beirut airport has prevented any commercial flights to or from the country.

A number of leading freight services (including companies from the UK) have suspended the transport of cargo to and from Beirut airport. Many freight forwarding companies are still transporting goods to Damascus. However if Syria enters the fray in support of Hezbollah with whom it has close links, commercial transportation to that country might also be affected.

One of the key reasons for the cessation of flights to Beirut is the fact that the city s runway has been damaged. However, if the violence escalates the issue of safety may also prevent the transport of freight to and from the country.

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Indeed, only last week two truck drivers were killed at the Beirut Container Terminal where they were waiting to collect cargo to transport out of the country.

Although air freight to Lebanon is affected, since the port is still open, transportation to the country has not stopped entirely. This is good news for humanitarian relief organisations keen to send aid supplies to the country.

Much of the freight needing to be transported to Beirut is being shipped to Damietta, which is the closest safe port. It is then stored in warehouses there until it is ready to be dispatched to Beirut.

This means that at the moment the freight services industry is managing to find ways around the problems caused by Hezbollah s attacks on Israel and the country s counter offensive.

This is good news for both humanitarian organisations delivering aid to Lebanon as well as to the freight services industry. However, if Syria joins Hezbollah s attack on Israel then the implications for freight transport to both Lebanon and the Middle East in general could be severely affected.

About the Author: GBS Freight is a UK storage and warehousing company:




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Organic Foods Don T Taste Bad!

Submitted by: Sarmaad Amin

Many people have the false belief that organic foods don t taste good. However, they have never even tried them! It isn t really known where such ideas come from but they continue to heavily circulate. Organic foods aren t grown with any types of chemicals so they are better for you overall. Why would you want to take in items that your body can t benefit from?

Organic foods are often said to be tasteless or that they taste like cardboard. The fact that they aren t made with chemicals or treated with preservatives doesn t reduce the overall flavoring of them. In fact, most organically grown foods taste just the same as those that are grown in a traditional manner. Some experts believe that traditional growers are worried about losing money to organic products. Therefore they have a role in keeping such rumors alive.

It could have to do with the visual appearance of organic foods. To many people, the look of a type of food is going to directly influence if they think they will like it or not. Organic foods can be smaller or different in shape then those which are grown with chemical fertilizers. Yet the smaller size or even the slightly different shape doesn t make them taste worse.

One thing that you do need to realize though is that organic fruits and vegetables can rot faster because they don t have any preservatives on them to slow down that process. Make sure you only buy what your family is reasonably going to be able to consume in a small time frame.

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If you have been influenced by the statements about organic foods tasting bad then you need to find out for yourself. Select different types of fruits and vegetables that you already love. Get them in an organic version and taste each of them. You will be surprised at what you find, and that can change what you purchase in the future.

You can do such an experiment with family as well. Buy items that you normally would but the organic types of them. Prepare and serve them the same way that you normally would and see what they happen to say about them. You can even ask them if the food was good tasting to get their feedback. Once they tell you that it was all good you can share with them the experiment that you were conducting.

Of course if there are particular types of foods that you don t like, the organic version isn t going to make you like it. Perhaps that is what you first tried and it turned you off from organic foods from the start. Take a chance and try some other items and you will find out that there is no truth to such rumors.

As more consumers take the time to put this to the test instead of listening to what is out there they will find out something different. They will be more objective when it comes to organic foods. It will also encourage them to start questioning what they learn instead of always accepting it at face value.

In fact, once you find that you do like the taste of organic foods, you will be more likely to buy them. Today you can get organic fruits, vegetables, milk and other dairy products, wine and other drinks, and even meat. There is no reason to consume foods that have chemicals or additives with such a selection of organic foods out there.

The idea to grow some of your own organic foods may cross your mind as well. This is a great way to save money as well. Growing some organic foods can get all of your family focused on eating better and taking part in making sure that happens.

About the Author: The organic grocer is an online organic delivery retailer. You can by

organic food

such as organic vegetables,

organic fruit

, organic milk and so on in theorganicgrocer.com.au and they will deliver the goods to your door. Organic grocer can deliver Sydney wide and also deliver

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How To Have An Amazing Vocal Performance With One Easy Technique

Submitted by: Elisha Ewonchuk

Last night, I had a FANTASTIC vocal night. I was hosting karaoke at my regular Saturday night gig and I re-discovered a technique that I had stopped using for some time, called “articulating.” Let me tell you, I had more fun using it then I’ve ever had before, because I was singing much better, and getting complimented and gushed over ALL NIGHT. Songs that I would normally consider difficult became EASY, and any stage fright I would usually begin the songs with melted away. I felt completely prepared and confident, and it was SO much fun. So I wanted to write about it so everyone else who’s ever had trouble with singing could benefit from it as well.

I learned this technique from a teacher I had in junior high school, back when dinosaurs roamed the streets….. maybe it wasn’t that long ago. The technique however, has been around forever. Vocally articulating means to over-emphasize the words you’re singing when compared to speaking. Take how you would usually speak and exaggerate it times two. Open your mouth wider, longer, and keep it open wide while you’re singing your vowels. Enunciate your consonants more.

That’s the first half. The second half is to keep your face completely lifted while you sing. Your eyebrows should be raised and your eyes open wide like you’ve just found out you’ve won a small lottery. That, in combination with exaggerating and over-enunciating your words is the technique of articulating.

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The easiest way to get into it is to first raise your face, eyebrows, eyes, cheekbones… (think, you’ve just won a new car!) and hold your face like that. Not in a greatly unnatural way, you don’t want to cause yourself vocal tension as a result of holding your face too tightly. Then, sing your vowels with a wide open mouth, and enunciate twice as much as you usually would while speaking. This will allow the sound to flow far easier from your mouth, and it’s especially great for high notes, because by opening your mouth wider you’ll find that you won’t be stretching to hit them. They’ll come out naturally without you having to force at all.

One important thing to also remember when articulating is to pay attention to what your tongue is doing. Many people forget that tongue position is very important! The proper spot for it is resting at the bottom of your mouth, with the tip touching the back of your teeth. NOT floating in the middle of your mouth! To clarify, I mean to rest it only when holding a note. Obviously you need your tongue to enunciate consonants and please, use it! But when you’re holding a note for any length of time make sure it’s at the bottom of your mouth otherwise your sound will come out a little muffled and cloudy.

Here are a couple of tips to help you get used to articulating.

The first is to practice in front of the mirror. Look at yourself and practice lifting your face up first to get used to the feeling, and alter it as necessary until you feel comfortable. Then turn away from the mirror and memorize the feeling. Practice relaxing your face and lifting it until you can remember what it feels like to be properly lifted. (Again, lifted properly means to have your eyebrows and cheekbones raised and your eyes wide open like something has really surprised you.) Once you have that down, sing a song in front of the mirror and over-emphasize your vowels and consonants. Not to the point where it’s really forced, just more then you usually would while speaking. It’s similar to modeling, if you’ve ever watched a fashion show you’ll notice when the models walk down the runway they’re always exaggerating the way they walk, taking longer, over-emphasized steps. Same idea. Practice the two together, over and over, until it doesn’t feel foreign to you anymore.

The second is actually an exercise to practice called the “Alphabet exercise”. Write down all the consonants in the alphabet in the order they come in. What you do is this: Take the first consonant which is B, and quickly say, baboo baboo baboo, exaggerating the new “word”. Then, move to the next consonant, which is C. Say, cacoo cacoo cacoo, using the hard consonant sound. Go through the entire alphabet of consonants doing this, one after another without taking breaks. This gets your face used to moving quickly and more openly. It’s a great warm up and it makes your face more flexible, so articulating becomes easier.

Give it a try! I’m 100% positive you’ll sing better and surprise yourself with the results.

About the Author: Elisha Rae Ewonchuk is a recognized authority on the subject of vocal training. Her website,


, provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you’ll need to know about singing, learning to become a singer and taking singing lessons.



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How To Promote Your Business Online Using Promotion Videos

How to promote your business online using promotion videos



In recent times, role of Internet has significantly changed. Earlier this platform which was mainly used for information exchange has now become very instrumental in improving the business too. Even every organization is entirely focusing on different online promotional campaigns to get maximum returns for their business.

There are various kinds of online promotional campaigns offered by leading advertising and marketing organizations. All these advertising and marketing tools and techniques available are very effective and deliver best return on the investment made.

Out of all these advertising and marketing campaigns, use of promotional videos is most popular. A large number of organizations are using this promotional video as an effective advertising and marketing tool. There are also instances when these promotional videos have been very instrumental in improving the sales performance of any organization.

Promotional video are an effective and efficient method of promoting any product, service or cause of any organization. To make it an effective advertising and marketing tool, the content of these promotional videos should be precise and more direct to customers.

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Promotional videos can be used in many ways. They can be used anywhere. But for better results it should be used in only those places where large numbers of people are present. In such places using these videos can generate much interest among users and prompt them to gather more information about the advertised product or services.

Advantages of using Promotional Videos:

Promoting any product, services or any other thing using video is a very innovative and effective way of attracting customers. The best thing about them is their multiple uses. They can be comfortably accommodated in exhibitions, presentations, seminar and trade shows. Many organizations and companies are also using these promotional video in their websites. It helps them in improving the volume of users visiting their website.

Apart from these there are several benefits of these videos. Every organizations and advertising agencies are trying to come up with different way of effectively using them. Here we are providing some advantages of using promotional video:-

It helps you in increasing the visibility of your organizations name and image.

Gives your customers a detailed but precise view of your organization.

It also helps in strengthening your other advertising and marketing campaigns,

Help you get best results on your investment.

How Promotional Videos can generate more traffic?

If you ask anyone about his/her preference between a lengthy article and video on same topic, the maximum responses would be in favour of video. It s a common phenomenon that very less people wants to read something online. It is here that these promotional videos come into the scene. Use these videos in place of your website s content. Use them to deliver more information about yourself but in an impressive manner. In these videos you can also use various kinds of graphic enhancement, back ground music and different other stuff. Videos make greater impact, so any website using these promotional videos can generate a large volume of traffic on their own.

Author writes articles on

promotional videos

and a variety of other subjects in the world of video production and video promotion.

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“Rental Property Valuation: Analyzing An Investment Property”

“Rental Property Valuation: Analyzing an Investment Property”


Al-Yassa Al-Mahi

Multifamily rental property estimation is apparently a crucial component of your investment strategy. If you’re a buyer then you’ll have to “run the numbers” to determine value. Very important, because if you overpay… you lose.

Despite the sluggish market, it is still hard to find a “steal” in this day and age. A good starting point for negotiations is often 20% below the list price, with a target purchase price of 10-15% below market value.

But even after your offer is accepted and the property is under agreement, the property value still may be reduced via the appraisal and/or the home inspection.

For example, if the appraised value comes in too low, you may have to ask the seller to fine-tune the purchase price or make some other arrangement. Similarly, a bad inspection report may force the seller to either make repairs or alter the price.


Rental property assessment is primarily determined by rental revenue, location, and condition.

bigger units with more bedrooms command higher rent. So all else being equal, you’ll want properties with multi-bedroom units. An added advantage is that 2-3 bedroom units have a tendency to have a more stable tenancy. Conversely, 1-bedroom apartments tend to appeal to more of a transient population, which means the turnover is typically greater.

From a location standpoint, multifamily rental properties in older, lower-middle income neighborhoods mostly offer the greatest bang for your buck. Plus, your tenant universe is typically larger in these areas. Avoid densely urban or very low income areas.

In terms of condition, the perfect target property will be older (50 years or more) and will have cosmetic deficiencies or simply look “tired.” These properties can supply great value for your buck. Conceptually, it’s sort of the opposite of curb appeal.


all-purpose property valuation rule: cosmetic problems = good, structural problems = bad!

By “cosmetic,” I’m referring to things like:

cracking or old paint

YouTube Preview Image

ancient carpet

smashed light fixtures

smashed kitchen cabinets

Torn vinyl flooring

Accumulated junk or clutter

An unkempt lawn

dense shrubbery

Dirty siding

Old appliances

dilapidated bathroom fixtures & towel racks

Old doorknobs

Old outlet & switch plate covers

broken mini-blinds

Broken windows

Any other “quick fix” you can think of

Structural issues, or issues where you must proceed with extreme caution, include:

A severely cracked foundation or walls

Galvanized piping

Leaning chimney

Outdated electric (i.e., knob & tube wiring)

Severely sloping, cracked or warped floors

Pervasive asbestos

Rotting wood in the frame

Lead paint

A long-running leaky roof

Buried underground oil tanks

HVAC problems


Note that I am not saying to avoid all of these issues at all cost. Run the numbers to clarify feasibility. If you can buy a multifamily rental property on the cheap, then perhaps you’ll be able to afford a new roof, an electric upgrade, or even mold remediation and still come out ahead.

It all depends on the buy price, your property valuation conclusion, your level of experience, and the strength of your stomach. Use my free inspection checklist to help show the way (note: I’ll post it on my website).


And finally, here’s a list of things that’ll kill property value…avoid them!

Properties with serious structural issues or that are poorly constructed.

Properties where all units are of the single-bedroom variety.

Properties that show “economic obsolescence,” such as those with very short ceilings, or those with many bedrooms but only 1 bathroom for example.

Twins, condos, row homes, etc. These types of structures usually do not appreciate as much as detached structures.

Properties with wells and septic systems. These systems could create a lot of problems and added expense down the road.

Properties that do not have separate utilities. I’ve literally seen tenants crank the heat up to 90 degrees F in the winter but leave the windows wide open. The only utilities you as a landlord should be paying are water and sewer.

Stay tuned for more info…

Washington DC Metro area, as well as Baltimore and Philadelphia.Al-Yassa currently instructs private clients on how to acquire and manage Business Credit to fund their real estate deals, developing land projects in Pennsylvania with partners, and has become one of the first persons in the country to be awarded the designation of CLO (Certified Lodging Owner) by the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

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How To Make Decision While Buying Home Gym Equipments

How to make decision while buying home gym equipments


pierce smith

The person thought not to go gym then they plan to fix the gym in home itself. So they need not go outside for gym during the peak hours and in cold climate and snow falling climate. In outside gym the user have to hear the irritating music and it is heavy rush behind the user s preferred machines so this are the reasons so most of them preferring home gym equipment and the user understand all ups and downs of the home gym equipments.

There are some instructions to follow while buying home gym equipment

What are the objectives using home gym equipments:

YouTube Preview Image

The users have to plan what they have to do if gym equipment bought to home itself. The users have to think that the user is running in marathon and the user should have fear in the body while using the gym equipments. The user is running daily and faster than the machine then no need to buy treadmill and don t want to waste the money. This exercise gives lot of muscular strength and it fulfills your needs. For each and every home gym equipments is a safe to work out and the user have work out by themselves not working with gangs.

There are different types of home gym equipment is there in affordable rates:

Some of the machines are affordable but deluxe treadmill is costly and some of the people they cannot afford this deluxe treadmill cost. No need to deposit in the bank for the machine. The person should decide which machine is fit to their body and workout with those machines otherwise it will give back pain and stress to the body. And the user have to decide which machine is affordable to buy and the user have to know whether it is useful to the body or not they have to enquire these are the steps to follow while buying home gym equipment.

Think before buying home gym equipment and where will you place the home gym equipment:

Think twice or thrice before buying the home gym equipment and where will you place the equipment and you have to think the place is portable to keep all equipments in that room. Every machines were not fit to the rooms some are compact some are very big. The users planning to learn exercise then buy some DVD and learn how to do exercise. The user should know whether the place is enough for some of the moves and exercises.

So these are the steps for home gym equipment and how to make decision while buying home gym equipments and make sure to buy good machines.

pierce is a SEO copywriter for fitness equipment. He has written many articles in various topics like fitness equipments. To Visit Our Websitegym equipments. Contact him at nationalfitness.art@gmail.com

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Can I Get Rid Of Acne By Using Blood Purifier Herbs?

Can I Get Rid Of Acne By Using Blood Purifier Herbs?


Peter Filinovich

Acne, a common skin disorder found in males and females can be well controlled and cured by proper treatment. If left untreated, this frustrating skin disorder can induce permanent scars on skin surface. Today, there are lots of treatment options available for curing this health disorder. Laser therapy, following nutritious diet schedule and intake of herbal remedies are some main remedial measures widely used for treating acne problems. Treatment process varies according to the actual cause and severity of problem. As per studies herbal remedies are found to be very effective in curing acne or pimple formation. It prevents the risk of side effects without inducing any adverse action on user. Accumulation of toxins in blood is reported as a main cause of acne formation.

In this case, use of blood purifier herbal product such as Glisten Plus capsule can effectively help you get rid of acne. It eliminates toxins from blood and prevents the risk of health disorders naturally. Apart from curing acne, use of Glisten Plus capsule also helps in providing other health benefits like acne, eczema, boils and skin rashes.

YouTube Preview Image

Neem, an effective ingredient in herbal skin creams is a safe blood purifier herb that can help you get rid of acne. It fights against bacterial attack and prevents the risk of heath disorders safely. Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties are some main properties enriched in neem leaf extract. For user assistance, today you can easily get neem products from market in the form of extracts, capsules and oils. For attaining best result, people are advised to rub neem oil affected area. Apart from using neem products, lifestyle plays a very important role in maintaining the health and well being of person. In order to attain maximum result, people are advised to follow a healthy lifestyle by consuming nutritious diet schedule and doing regular exercises.

Turmeric, an active ingredient in food recipes is a blood purifier herb that can help you get rid of acne. This herbal cure has been used for centuries for treating a wide range of health disorders like psoriasis and eczema. To obtain satisfactory result, people are advised to apply a paste of turmeric and coconut oil on acne affected area. You can use turmeric both internally and externally. For best result, people suffering from acne troubles are advised to intake warm milk added with turmeric powder twice per day. Similar to turmeric, garlic is another blood purifier that can help you get rid of acne. Those people suffering from acne troubles are advised to include a good amount of garlic extract in their daily diet.

Burdock root extract is found to be as a best blood purifier herb that can help you get rid of acne. It can be used both internally and externally for treating several skin disorders. You can easily prepare a healthy drink from this natural remedy by adding burdock root to boiling water. For external application, you can apply a cotton ball dipped in burdock root tea on acne affected area. Echinacea, one of the best blood and lymphatic cleansers is a widely recommended herb to get rid of acne troubles. It stimulates the production of WBC cells and enhances immunity strength naturally.

Read about

Herbal Blood Cleanser

. Also know

Herbal Treatment for Acne

. Read about

Acne Herbal Treatment


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Top 10 Tips For Packing Your Toiletries When Travelling

Submitted by: Linda Garrould

It is amazing how our bathroom cabinets and drawers quickly overflow with bottles, cleanser, moisturiser and shampoo. This isn t a particular problem when you re at home but you need to leave this clutter behind when travelling. With this in mind here are some ideas for organising your cosmetics, toiletries and other essentials when travelling:-

1. If you use a hairdryer or straightening irons it s best to take these with you. There s nothing worse than trying to make do with the useless underpowered hairdryers found in many hotel rooms. Spend sometime selecting a good travel hairdryer, which is not too big or heavy.

2. Whatever pampering products you use there are usually samples available. Samples that are packaged in sachets are great for overnight stays. Samples packaged in tiny bottles are great for a mini-break weekend or a week away.

3. If you can t get hold of samples, or you are still worried that these tiny packets might run out before your holiday ends, then decant your lotions and potions in to small travelling pots. Most department stores and chemists have an assortment to choose from. Look for pump action tops for cleansers, small bottles for toner and eye makeup remover and pots for creams. Whilst the thought of decanting can be fiddly it will be well worth it when your beauty essentials fit into one neat washbag.

YouTube Preview Image

4. When you get home from your travels make sure you use up the remaining cleanser and moisturiser and then wash out the bottles and pots. It s not a good idea to store unfinished amounts of cosmetic products in these bottles for the next time you are away unless you travel frequently as they can go off.

5. Store your washed bottles in your travel wash bag so everything is where you will be able to quickly find it, the next time you need it.

6. It s best not to pack bottles and containers, when they are completely full. When you fly the increased air pressure or weight on full bottle can cause them to leak. It s best to have a bottle which is about half to three quarters full, to allow some empty space to allow for expansion and if the worst happens so you have less shampoo leaking everywhere.

7. As for shampoo and conditioner, many brands also make smaller travel size versions. Again, you can decant into smaller pump action bottles, but do label them if your shampoo and conditioner look similar.

8. If your budget will allow get yourself good quality travel wash bags and toiletries bags because cheaper alternatives are a false economy. I once had a set of clear see through wash bags which were great in theory as they let you easily see where everything is stored. In practice the plastic turned out to be cheap and soon split, and the Velcro fastening simply didn t stay shut resulting in bottles being flung out into my suitcase not helpful when they then leaked. The best wash bags are durable, wipe clean, have zip fastenings and will not fall apart however much you try to force in them.

9. If you re only away from home for a few nights or you re touring it s best not to unpack all your toiletries and cosmetics when you get to your hotel room. Just ask anyone who s ever worked in a hotel about the vast quantities of lost property people leave behind when they rush to checkout in the morning and you ll see why you should never unpack more than you need to in a hotel room. If you travel frequently on business or plan a touring holiday then look for a good quality hanging washbag. Hanging Washbags have a number of zipped compartments and come with a hook which means they can be hung on the back of a bathroom door or shower rail. If you do this make sure you always check on the back of the bathroom door before you checkout of your hotel room!

10. Different sizes of washbags and toiletries bags are available and it s best to have two or three different sizes for different occasions. There is no point in travelling with a washbag that s any larger than you need. A smaller holdall might be fine for the gym or an overnight stay whereas the hanging bag types are great for longer periods away from home.

It wasn t that long ago when the only washbags and toiletries bags available were drawstring bags that looked like something your dad might use or hideously flowery bags that only your Grandma would use. Today the best designer washbags such as those from the Australian designer Uchi have beautiful patterns, vibrant colourful designs, are strong, can be wiped clean and have clear sections and compartments so you can see exactly what you are looking for.

If your cosmetics and other essentials are normally all over the place when you are away from home for a few nights plan ahead now and look into purchasing yourself a new washbag or toiletries bag. If you know someone else who does a lot of travelling, designer washbag make a perfect Birthday gift or Christmas Present for men and women of all ages.

About the Author: Linda runs the I Adore Your Gifts & Jewellery boutique stocking a large range of

Wash bags and Toiletries Bag

from designers such as Jo Edwards, Seek Unique and Uchi.



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Nail Artist: The Process Of Having Attractive Nails

Nail Artist: The Process Of Having Attractive Nails


Laureen J. Chris

Do you ever wonder how the celebrities have the perfect nails when you see them in photo shoots, red carpet events and in magazine? Well this is simply because they have a good nail artist to do their manicures and pedicures and they get to be paid well. But you don’t need to look for a nail artist for the celebrities; any nail artist can do what you ask them too. Doing manicures and pedicures take skill and if you tell them what you want your nail to look like, they can easily do it for you.

The first process to achieving attractive nails is getting them cleaned. Your nail artist will remove your old nail polish first by using a nail polish remover and cotton. All remaining old nail polish should be removed. Now, she can soak your nail in water to soften your cuticle and nails. After a few minutes, she can now cut your nails to your desired length. Tell your nail artist specifically how long you want your nails to be. Now, your nails will be filed to get the desired shape

Once she has cut it, it is now time to get your old cuticles out of your nails. She will need a pusher and a cuticle remover solution to get it out. Your nail artist must be gentle and doing this as to not scrap of any other deeper than your old cuticles. You must also check how soft and hard she is when he pushes the cuticle off.

YouTube Preview Image

After this, it is time to use the nail clippers to remove the extra tags of your skin beside your nails. This is the dry and hard portions of the side of the nails and getting them out will make your nails feel lighter and cleaner all around. Once this is done, you are now ready for some paint. Choose a nail polish that you like depending on your mood that day or if it needs to be matched with your dress. If there are many colors to choose from, you can ask the nail artist to test it first so you will know the actual color.

With nail polish, your nail artist will need to apply nail polish coats, 2-3 times depending on the nail polish. Normally, it is the top and base coat. The base coat consists of one layer of nail polish and once it is dry, another coat of colored nail polish is painted over. This will make your nail polish stronger and not easy to remove when scratched. You can opt to put a clear nail polish on top to make a glossy finish.

Today, there are many nail art that you can put on your nails. There are nail stickers you can easily stick. But what most is raving about is how a nail artist can paint designs onto your nails. Imagine having a very small canvas and having to paint a character there using just nail polish. It really takes skill and effort so you need to pay your nail artist well if you have this done.


Manicure Singapore

at our luxurious

Nail Bar

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Manicure and Pedicure


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Bird Table For Bird Watching

Submitted by: Preddy Boise

There are many ways to enjoy the spectacle of bird watching. You can attract the birds to your garden using different bird feeders filled with seeds or even nectar and there s also the possibility of having a bird bath in your garden. This provides your visiting feathered friends the opportunity to splash about and get themselves nice and clean. The other option that you have is to provide a bird table with food placed on it.

You can of course go to your nearest pet store and buy the latest thing in bird tables or you can try your hand at making your very own bird table. This is a very easy project to do and the satisfaction that you ll gain as you look at the many birds will definitely be worth your effort.

You ll need a strong pole to support the table and any visiting birds, a large flat piece of wood to act as the table, and some thin long strips to place along the edges of the table. The pole should be about 1.5 meters high. This will keep your birds safe from any prowling hungry cats. You should attach the thin strips of wood to the edges of your table. These strips need to be 2 inches high and there should be a small gap between them and the table. This design feature will let any rain water drain off of the table. You can attach the strips of wood to the table before you nail it to the pole or afterwards. Just make sure that the pole and the table are firmly attached to each other.

YouTube Preview Image

Before you hammer the bird table into the ground, check out the best place for your new table. This site should have some shrubs nearby so they can flee from any Sparrow Hawks in the vicinity, although there shouldn t be too much ground cover as cats can hide there.

Once your new bird table is firmly in the ground you can put out a variety of foods for the birds to enjoy. They ll like to eat unsalted peanuts, fresh coconuts, fats like suet, dripping, meat fat and bacon rind. Cheese, stale cakes, biscuits and pastry with interesting fillings should tempt their taste buds too. Besides these types of food, birds enjoy fruits, apples, dried fruits, sunflower seeds, bread and some wild bird seed food.

This is a great way to see different birds, but you ll also need to make sure that all this food doesn t get the attention of any squirrels who like any kind of free food. If however, you do manage to attract the attention of a squirrel, and it s bound to happen, you have two choices: fight them or join them. Since fighting them requires too much energy joining them is the simplest course of action and placing enough food on the bird table for them as well, will ensure that you have hours of added fun watching their antics along with those of the birds.

About the Author: Author’s Sites

Homemade Cat Foods


Homemade Dog FoodsEssential Oils Recipes & Remedies




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